Waste of Space – A Collection Of Unspoken Words focuses on a vast collection of theatre plays trapped inside the Museum of Londons Ephemera Collection – piles of texts, the youngest ones over a hundred years old – that have been preserved for prosperity and then safely locked away. 


The installation confronts the forgotten plays with the industry that rejects them – the very same industry that brought There There to London. In a universe so overwhelmingly ruled by the text, it’s only logical to expose what a play goes through before it deserves to be staged: shaped into an audition for the plays, with a fictional West End casting team, this sound installation scrutinises the repertoire policies which are too often influenced by the amount of trashy or intellectual glitter you can stick onto a production.


Waste of Space was commissioned by Motiroti and part of the Streets of Gold exhibition. The project brought together international artists and challenged them to create work in response to their impression of London. James Voller, Golbanou Moghaddas and Alberta Whittle joined There There in the project.


Waste of Space was exhibited at the Museum of London between January 20th and April 15th 2012.


Concept and text by There There

Model Maker: Ana Dabija

Video: Dan Saul

Sound: Nikola Zivojinović

Voices: Richard Cunningham, Andrew Cuthbert, Neil Hill, Christina Mills, Nadia Ostacchini, Alan Patient, Sally Phillips, Barry Ray, John Ringrose, Alan Wallace