Fragile and Fragile 2 are new to the neighbourhood. 

They are also clinically shy - so shy they hide themselves inside boxes (leftovers from the moving).

Mingling and networking can be difficult in these circumstances, but they have a plan: get everyone to write a one-line introduction and pin it to their backs. That way, you're getting to know people even when you're not trying!

Strategy devised, Fragile and Fragile 2 infiltrated the streets of their new home and unleashed the friendliness.


An experiment in social interaction, Think Locally sets out to see if good intentions are still believable when identity is obscured. As the trustworthiness of words is measured against the lack of facial recognition, the piece attempts to transpose the blurb-heavy interactions and presumed transparency and openness of social media into the real world. 


Fragile and Fragile 2 don't know that though. They just want to expand their social circle.


Think Locally was developed for the Stop! Look! Listen! programme of Hornsey Street Festival, curated by Steakhouse Live. Hornsey Street Festival is produced by Rowan Arts.


Photos: Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira