The Joke IS NOT Optional is a one-on-one piece in the form of the ultimate job interview. Rather than inviting the audience to enjoy and explore the intimacy that often comes with such a private performative experience, There There break the fourth wall in a less traditional way – by smashing it directly against the spectators face. Confronted with one of the two experienced interviewers with different techniques, the applicants undergo a special test to prove themselves worthy of their dream job.


Decades of hard work by world’s top recruitment experts are combined with motivational music and speeches that aid the audience in achieving this task. In the spirit of transparency the audience is welcome to compare their score to those of their competition – so they can estimate just how much they failed.


At the time when getting a minimum wage job requires passing a series of interviews The Joke IS NOT Optional investigates the ethics and intimacies of interview procedures.Each applicant is guaranteed their own, customised brain.


The Joke IS NOT Optional was devised for Stoke Newington International Airports Live Art Speed Date. It was performed as part of the Land Of Kings Festival in May 2012. The top score of both nights was 83 – which inspired several candidates to come and ask for a second chance.


Devised and performed by There There