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Text HOME to 78070 (LIVE) is a durational performative invasion of immigration advice. It sees two stereotypical Eastern Europeans occupy public spaces to distribute first hand tips on everything from getting a work permit to navigating the NHS, helping immigrants integrate and endanger the British way. The culprits set up a tent wherever they go; for protection and safety reasons, they hide behind masks of elected officials - their least likely political alter egos.


Text HOME to 78070 (LIVE) stemmed from the eponymous spoken word album, commissioned by Giving in to Gift. It occupied the All Change festival at the Lyric Hammersmith (as a part of Fun Palaces, produced by Firehouse Creative Productions), SPILL National Platform (Pacitti Company, Ipswich), Experimentica (Chapter, Cardiff), HECKLE (Bosse and Baum), dis/placed (Counterpoints Arts and LADA), Performing Britain (Live Art Bistro, Leeds), Hazard (Word of Warning, Manchester) and Brexit on Page and Stage (Being Human Festival of Humanities, Portsmouth). In 2015 Text HOME was also awarded Arts Council funding in support of a special invasion, commissioned by the Romanian Cultural Centre, and focused on engaging with Eastern European audiences.


Devised and performed by There There

Sound: Barry Han

Photos: Adam Chard (1-6) and Warren Orchard (7) at Experimentica, Guido Mencari at SPILL Festival of Performance 2014 (8-11), Sofia Villanueva at the RCC (12-15), Maria Tanjala at All Change (16-17).


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