summer 8

While pretty amazing overall, London is a depressing affair in the summer. If you know what it’s like to endure the dread of sun in the concrete jungle only to then curse the bloody rain three days later then you, like There There, are in need of a holiday.


No need to fret about finances and all the work that needs doing: we’ll create a multi-sensorial experience that will whisk you away without so much as an overpriced bus ride to Luton. Take A Long Walk On The Beach is designed to take two visitors at a time on a holiday to the shores of the ever-surprising English Riviera. While sitting comfortably on deck chairs and sipping on cocktails, the participants choose between the holiday options presented by the two Summer Cheerleaders. Pebbles, seaweed and sand, windmills, beach toys and extreme weather advice, Kodak moments and souvenirs: they all feature. What your holiday ends up being though is completely up to you. We’re here to please.


Take a Long Walk on the Beach was commissioned by Rowan Arts for the Mayton Street Festival, curated by Katy Baird in June 2013. After battling the winds of Holloway, the piece was invited to the Hackney Wicked Festival in both 2013 and 2014.


Photos: Sheryl Tait, Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira