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Research and audience development are a crucial part of our creative practice. We work with an independent researcher and seek out partnerships with organisations that work in policy, advocacy and with immigrant communities. We devise performances along with audience development to allow them to feed into each other; we conduct audience research during participatory sections of our performances, insert pieces of research directly into performances and attempt to incorporate feedback questionnaires into our pieces. Below are some examples of the research conducted for Trigger Warning, Eastern Europeans for Dummies and Text HOME.


Timeline of Eastern Europeans in the UK was created for Text HOME - Eastern European night at the Romanian Cultural Centre. The Timeline was the result of research into media representations of Eastern European immigrants since 2005 and designed by Paulina Klappetek; it was exhibited at the event (see pictures above).


Text HOME - Eastern European night at the Romanian Cultural Centre incorporated an audience survey, designed by Jerome Finnegan. The survey examined audience demographics and attitudes to contemporary migration in theatre/performance. You can download his report here. 


- We devised a model of audience development, focused on creating collaborations between artists, venues and migration/diaspora organisations, as part of the ACE funded Eastern Europeans for Dummies. To research and test the model we partnered with Counterpoints Arts and conducted a Learning Lab on the topic, bringing together artists, producers, activists, researchers and academics (photos above). The findings from the Lab are available here.


- A demographic and feedback survey was incorporated into the ACE funded Eastern Europeans for Dummies. The survey was designed by Jerome Finnegan who also conducted the evaluation of the Rich Mix performance

- We collaborated with Hannah Jones (Warwick University) and researchers from Mapping Immigration Controversy on Trigger Warning, devising Lucky Leave - a game which predicts audiences' futures based on academic, political, sociological and economic research.


photos: Sofia Villanueva (Timeline), Denisa Silas (Lab) 

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