Germany A Greek Tragedy 19

Do you vote? One half of There There ignored the UK local elections, and this made the other half very angry. This all happened as the company was devising Germany: A Greek Tragedy, a piece that was very political, and therefore tackled important topics such as Pussy Riot, Hamartia and the European Debt Crises.


Germany: A Greek Tragedy adapted to the situation in no time. Only half set in stone, this show explores the mechanisms of voting and democracy by letting the audience decide where the performance goes. Angela Merkel or Extreme Right? Germany of Greece? Cake or Glitter? You decide - but the soundtrack is not up for debate.


Germany: A Greek Tragedy was originally developed during a week long residency at The Basement in September 2012. There There took a first-draft, work in progress version of the piece to the same venue in November 2012, before working on it some more and presenting it at the BAC Freshly Scratched in 2013.


Devised, written and performed by There There

Photos: Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira