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Nineteen Eighty Four meets The Weakest Link Camden Review


Remember the last time an Eastern European stole your job? Neither do we.

Test this and other immigrant stereotypes at Eastern Europeans for Dummies, a live, exclusive, anthropological showcase of two authentic Eastern Europeans. This piece includes real specimens, insider knowledge of their customs and tactics, all the tips you need to survive any heated foreign encounter and fete games for the entire audience!

There There have dissected the Eastern European stereotype perpetuated by politicians and the media; what's left is the often grim daily immigrant reality. This show is an invitation: to step behind the headlines, drop the accusations and have a wider conversation about immigration, integration and alienation.


Eastern Europeans for Dummies was originally created in 2011 as a short gallery piece. It ventured to All Change FestivalRomanian Cultural CentreBrunel Museum (as part of the Nights of the Museum), Stoke Newington International Airport, The Others, TAASpontaneous Combustion Festival, Arbeit, FreeSpace Gallery (as part of Open House London), The Basement (Brighton) and (in)Xclusion Festival (Leeds).


In September 2014, the piece was reimagined into a studio performance, produced by The Bridge for a 3 week run at the Rosemary Branch. In 2015, Eastern Europeans for Dummies was part of the Small Story / Big City programme at Rich Mix.


Eastern Europeans for Dummies grew into a full-length, interactive piece in 2016. This devising stage was supported by ACE, Rich Mix, the Romanian Cultural Centre and Counterpoints Arts and included a research / audience development initiative. The interactive part of the performance travelled to Art Car Bootique (Chapter, Cardiff), Migration Matters Festival (Sheffield) and Journeys Festival (ArtReach, Leicester).

Watch the trailer here.


Devised, written and performed by There There

Voice: Richard Cunningham

Sound editing: Nikola Zivojinović​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Stage and costume: Naomi Kuyck-Cohen
Light: Fridthjofur Thorsteinsson
Dramaturgical support: Diana Damian Martin

Photos: Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira 

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