Have you been losing sleep over Brexit?

Are you a frustrated immigrant or a tired Brit, making plans for an uncertain future?

There There is looking for participants for Trigger Warning.


Trigger Warning contests stereotypes about Eastern European immigrants through a collection of fête games. The audiences are invited to hook-a-job, spin the wheel of benefits, indulge in ‘health tourism’, and even win a passport.


We’re now looking for participants to help us engage visitors with the games. The interaction will be structured, but there’s no script: we’re looking for people who want to share their views on immigration with audiences, whether similar to ours or not.


Participants of all ages, professions, and nationalities are welcome. We want to share the space with immigrants and Brits whose views are not normally heard. We believe you have a lot to say.

We can offer £10 per hour for your time.

WHY? Festival / Isle of Portland

14th & 15th September, 10am-4pm


If interested drop us an email at therethereagain@gmail.com (the sooner the better) and we can arrange a short phone call.


Please include the following information:  

*why you want to take part

*where you’re from and (if you’re an immigrant) how long you’ve been in the UK

*what immigration is like for you, where you live

There There is a 50% Romanian, 50% Serbian performance company, founded in London by Dana Olărescu and Bojana Janković.  Our installations, theatre shows and audio guides tackle themes such as immigration, national identity, exclusion and heritage, and we use participation to encourage inclusive, alternative debates on immigration.

Photos: Patrícia Venâncio Oliveira, Neil Clarke, Dana OlărescuJoseph Priestley, Matt Cawrey, Maria Tanjala